Linux vulnerability - 16.02.2016 - All UndergroundPrivate servers has been patched.

A huge amount of Linux software can be hijacked by hackers from the other side of the internet, thanks to a serious vulnerability in the GNU C Library (glibc). Simply clicking on a link or connecting to a server can lead to remote code execution, allowing scumbags to steal passwords, spy on users, attempt to seize control of computers, and so on. ... Read More »

19th Feb 2016
France (DDos Protected) VPS back in our offshore hosting services.

After a lot of requests for the France (DDos Protected) VPS has been received by mulitple people, we have had them in the past and we got them out of selling (due a lot of shortgare orders) on our offshore hosting company UndrergroundPrivate , this is the most wanted service by all people and we finally bring it back for you , you are free to ... Read More »

1st Jul 2015
Migration of servers to Russia.

Dear clients the following services will be migrated to Russia today on 15.06.2015

- Private Servers
- Bulletproof Servers
- Canada Proxied Servers

If you have service interuption we seek for your patience , all services will be moved to Russia Locations.

Thank you ,

15th Jun 2015
Canada / France network issues.

We have been notified today a issue with the network system in Canada and France servers , this issues occureb by network lines of the datacenter.

All should be restored by today. Any issues please let us know further via ticket , e-mail or Skype.

Thank you ,

28th May 2015
Downtime maintence fixing vulnerability ( Venom ) - 15.05.2015

Dear clients and customers ,Today on 15.05.2015 servers will get on a urgent maintence due a critical security issue , this message consider only for the KVM users. For more information regarding the vulnerability please read below :Impact:A vulnerability in the floppy disk driver of qemu, Xen, and KVM allows attackers with root privileges to ... Read More »

15th May 2015
Serious announcement for WordPress users.

Dear clients ,If you are using WordPress please update your script urgently , there is a notification that old WordPress versions can be hacked very easily. Please also not that the plugins which had stopped to be updated it is neccesary to be removed , not use plugins that they are not being updated. Update immediately your WordPress and all your ... Read More »

13th Apr 2015
VPS & Shared services upgraded to latest technology and hardware.

Dear customers & clients ,We are happy to announce you that the upgrade of our the VPS & Shared services on our servers is finished. Like  you most notice the speed is really fastest with lighting speed , hardware and everything else is being upgraded too. New era on comes up , we are the no.1 offshore hosting in ... Read More »

30th Dec 2014 - France Server Hardware Issue 25.10.2014

Dear clients ,Today 25.10.2014 we noticed a weird issue with our servers in France , our servers was online and has reacting as offline. After our investigation we have found that this is not related issue to us but from the datacenter , we have contact them and they have informed us that there may be a hardware issue and they are investigating ... Read More »

25th Oct 2014
Working hours has been change , summer working hours.

Dear clients ,Our web hosting company hours has been changed, please note that the working hours of our web hosting company is now :Working our for the summer will be :01:00 - 05:00 CST (GMT -6) 10:00 - 12:00 CST (GMT -6) Please note that last month there is a high traffic of clients , there are many tickets everyday and please have patience ... Read More »

15th Jul 2014
The Heartbleed Bug - Please everyone read / Change your passwords.

Dear customers & clients, Many of you you asked us if our servers are protected from The Heartbleed Bug , we can tell you with sure that we are being protected since the update has been posted publicy. If someone want to do for his safety the passwords he can do it , if you not informed what is the The Heartbleed Bug we are going to post some ... Read More »

13th Apr 2014